WordPress Information

Here are links and information for WordPress  you might find useful.

Most of the website I build are WordPress, and then most of those WordPress themes are “Divi” themes, which is a module/ visual builder, also very customizable. “Divi” also comes as a plugin, so it can be used on sections of the site that where a module builder would be useful. This is a paid theme/plugin but very reasonable, also for this payment there are other themes and plugins you could choose. If you want to know more: Divi Theme Link

Please send any other great WordPress tips (or corrections) to me at hi@naomigraphics.com


The various Appearance menus allow you to change how your site looks and behaves. Depending on the theme that your site is running, will depend on how much or how little you will be able to modify your site in this menu. Below are the basic items you will see in appearances, but again depending on your theme there might be many more option under this menu

Depending on your theme, this part can look very different – these are just same basic pointers

You can work with menus from within “Customize”  or scroll lower in Appearances and use the menu tab there…I actually find this one easier.

Plugins | Users | Settings

These are the basic other menu Items you will see. Note that that with just about every plugin you install and activate, it will then present a menu box in the dashboard or in Settings

You name what you want extra or to fine tune your site with, and there will be a plugin in for it, just go to “plugins”, choose “add new” and type a keyword or two in the search plugin bar, and the relevant plugins will show up. Make sure the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress.